About us

Hello dear ones!

My small family and I we live in the beautiful lake area in Austria.

The 2nd part of my immediate family is at home in Portugal. That’s why we also like to spend time there and many ideas originate there as well.

Since I was a little kid, I have always made brooches, ties and scarves for the whole family and friends. I painted them differently and finished them with different techniques.
Working creatively has always been fun for me.


I’m glad you found your way to me and my greatest passion.


Finding and living the true self is reflected in the heart of my artwork.


I’ve always wanted to live my talents and if I can put a smile on someone’s face with them, then all the better….


I like nature, the silence, the mountains, sunrises and sunsets, the beach, the water in any form whether stream, lake or sea and the fresh air. I like to be connected to the earth… The beautiful landscapes and the radiance and energy of people, animals and beautiful things motivate me to be creative….
I hope my work inspires you.

I ship my works worldwide… From me all the way to you….