Game pedagogy

Educational play training with horses

Qualified Play Pedagogical Training with Animals EREL – Learning with Horses

Qualified game educational learntraining with horses. Learning with horses

Game pedagogical trainer

Spending quality time with the horse, gaining experience and experiencing special moments.

Horsepower to empower children

Children love to learn!
We may support them in this!
Our horses help us with that!

In nature with games, fun, exercise and the co-trainer horse
– The joy of discovery, experimentation and wonder
– Joy of natural learning

Horses help
– Reduce fears
– Strengthen confidence and courage
– to be more responsible
– establish social contactsI
– spending more free time in the fresh air – a little less computer, TV and cell phone
– as they take a neutral position
– to become safe and feel secure
– Promote concentration – pay attention to yourself, the horse and others
– To teach patience and calmness and thus relieve stress and with so many other issues

Learning is important! I want to make learning and life a little easier for the children.

Play and learning training with horses is simply fun and helps children develop physical, mental and spiritual skills. Exercises and skill games can improve motor skills, fine motor skills, coordination, balance and more. Reading, writing, arithmetic, singing, rhyming, etc. without a school desk, but in animal company! Learning games are used to repeat and consolidate learning material.

It can be seen as an accompanying offer in kindergarten and school time. It can also support speech therapy, occupational therapy or psychotherapy sessions that have already begun. My work is to be seen as training and not as a therapeutic measure and can not replace this!


loving teddy bear
inspires young and old
up for any fun
Manolito thanks you for your attention!

Not offered at this time.

As soon as it starts, I will inform you here on the site.